All school buildings shall be posted so as to require all visitors to first make their presence known to the building principal before proceeding to contact any other person in the building or on the grounds.

Any person who visits a building and/or grounds of the district will be under the jurisdiction of the building principal who shall be responsible for developing rules and regulations governing the presence of visitors in the building.

Subpoenas and Legal Documents

To avoid the disruption of the educational process, which inevitably follows from the presence of outsiders in the school setting, no legal documents, other than a criminal search or arrest warrant, may be served upon a student, teacher or other employee during school hours.  (Cf. JCAC)

The principal has the authority to request aid from any law enforcement agency if any visitor to the district’s buildings or grounds refuses to leave or creates a disturbance.  Violation of this rule may lead to removal from the building or grounds and denial of further access to the building or grounds.  Violators of this board policy and its rules may be subject to governmental trespass laws.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 380.1261; 380.1300

(P 2320, P 5121)

Adopted:   7/1/93