School district equipment may be borrowed by employees for use at their home for school-related purposes only.  Before any equipment to be borrowed may be removed from school district property, an “Equipment Lease Agreement” must be filled out and signed by both the building/department administrator or media staff/computer coordinator, and the borrower.  (See KGB-R-3)

Instructional Equipment and Materials

To ensure that instructional resources are available for their primary purpose –  instructional use with children; to minimize unnecessary wear and tear on all instructional equipment; and to maximize the availability of building resources equally for all staff members, the following are loan procedures for instructional equipment and materials.

For purposes of this section, instructional equipment is defined as computers, monitors, VCRs, projectors, camcorders, and any like or related equipment to be purchased in the future.

All instructional equipment will remain in the building during the school year.

Freestanding computers may be checked out over the summer by indicating an interest to the building principal or designated staff person.  Should there be a great demand for a particular computer(s), decisions will be made by lottery on the second Friday in May.  However, networked equipment may not be checked out.

Computers taken home for the summer must be checked out with the media staff or computer coordinator and checked back in with the same individual on the first teacher work day in the fall, or earlier as designated at the building level.

Other instructional equipment listed above should not be loaned out at any time.


Instructional Software

During the school year, software will remain in the computer lab.  However, special arrangements can be made with the media staff or computer coordinator to check out a specific program for a designated period of time if the program is not part of a multiple set or needed to operate class sessions, and is allowed under copyright law.

Books and Instructional Materials

Books and materials signed out by teachers are limited to a checkout period of six weeks.

A reminder list of books checked out to each teacher will be issued periodically by media staff.

Teachers, as well as students, will be assessed for the replacement cost of books and materials not returned to the media staff by the end of the school year.

Administrative Equipment

To ensure administrative resources are readily available for their primary purpose – developing and documenting administrative tasks, it is acceptable that administrators and office staff remove equipment from its office location and transport it to any location within the school district or to other meeting places, as well as use the equipment at their homes.  If the equipment is used on a regular basis in its office location, it must be returned by the start of each business day.

For purposes of this section, administrative equipment is defined as laptop computers, desktop computers, monitors, printers, VCRs, projectors, camcorders, cameras and any like or related equipment to be purchased in the future.


Rev.  8/15/96