General Rules for Use of School Facilities (other than Outdoor Education Center)

  1. User group agrees to assume all liabilities for damage which may occur in, on, or about any district facilities while said group is using those facilities when damage to property or injury to persons is the result of either the acts, omissions and/or neglect of the users or their agents, servants or employees.
  2. All facilities will be left in the condition which preceded the use and all student/teacher projects/materials/equipment will not be disturbed.
  3. Use of building facilities is restricted to the specific area(s) requested.  User groups in unauthorized areas may be asked to leave the building/facility.
  4. Application for facility use shall be submitted to the Operations Department 21 days prior to requested use.  As a rule, outside requests will not be approved prior to July of the school year of anticipated use.  No reservation will be made until the application has been approved by the Facilities Manager.  School activities and community education programs have priority over non-school activities.  Time and/or dates are subject to change or cancellation.
  5. School authorities reserve the right to revoke a permit at any time.
  6. Deposits, where appropriate, shall be received in the Operations Department at least 10 working days prior to scheduled event.
  7. If the regular day school program is canceled due to inclement weather, all other daytime and evening activities will also be canceled.  (Cf. EBBD-R)
  8. Organizations wishing to cancel their scheduled activity must notify the OperationsDepartment at 248-956-3061 48 hours in advance or be charged for expenses incurred.
  9. In accordance with state law, the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited on school property.  This applies to all buildings and grounds.
  10. The use, sale and/or possession of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal substances is prohibited in conjunction with the use of any school property.
  11. No activity shall be permitted in which open flames are used unless approved by the fire department and the Facilities Manager.
  12. Under no circumstances shall equipment or other property be stored on school property Facilities Manager. The district assumes no responsibility for properties left on the premises by the applicant.
  13. A designated school employee shall be on duty whenever an outside group uses a district facility.
  14. If it is necessary for the custodian to render services to a group beyond those requested, the group will be billed at the overtime rate for any additional time. Snow removal, if necessary, will also be billed.

  1. Any organization requiring an additional custodian(s) and/or custodial overtime will be billed for those services.

16.    Use of school equipment by user groups must be approved by the Facilities Manager and must be requested on the “School Facilities Request Form.”   Appropriate fees will be charged for this use as well as for any resultant damage.

  1. Custodians are not authorized to provide school equipment to user groups except as described and approved on the School Facilities Request Form.
  2. Use of any kitchen equipment requires that food service personnel be on duty.
  3. The individual Facilities Manager may provide the user with additional regulations pertinent to that facility.
  4. Organizations may use district facilities for fund raising purposes within the provisions of board policy.  Details of any and all fund raising activities must accompany the application for facility use.  (Cf. DK)
  5. Persons or groups who fail to adhere to the policies and regulations established by the board and superintendent shall be subject to forfeiture of all privileges of future use of district facilities.

General Rules for Rental of Outdoor Education Center

  1. The Outdoor Education Center will be rented only to formal organized groups recognized by the board.  Renting to an individual will not be considered.
  2. Application for use of the center shall be made through the office of the director of outdoor education.
  3. Instructional materials shall be supplied by the group renting the facility.  Audio-visual equipment, if available and requested before rental date, may be provided by the center.
  4. Use of the center for activities which are part of the regular school program or community education programs will normally receive preference over requests of outside groups.
  5. Groups will be expected to take care of facilities and equipment and will provide adequate supervision.
  6. Groups shall be responsible for damage to facilities and equipment and shall be charged for any necessary repair or replacement.
  7. Administration reserves the right to deny use of facilities when conditions warrant because of vandalism, excessive rowdyism or similar conditions.
  8. In accordance with state law, the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited on school property.  This applies to all buildings and grounds.

  1. The use, sale and/or possession of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal substances is prohibited in the center and on the site.
  2. Bedding, including pillows, must be furnished by those using facilities.  In no instance will persons be permitted use of beds unless bedding is used.
  3. Each group renting the facility will be required to sign a waiver that will hold the district harmless for damages to person or personal property arising from the use of the center under this permit.
  4. At the discretion of administration, groups may be required to furnish a Certificate of Insurance showing that both the organization and the district are insured in the minimum amount of $1,000,000for public liability and $1,000,000 for property damage.  Such certificate must be received by school officials at least three days prior to date of use of the center by the organization.
  5. At the discretion of administration, a refundable deposit (in addition to deposit required by fee schedule) may be required to cover any damage that may occur to center, site or equipment.  Cost to repair damage, if any, will be deducted from deposit before refund is made.
  6. Capacity of dormitory facilities is limited to a maximum of 104.  There are four dormitories each sleeping 26 people.  Each dormitory has a separate room sleeping two counselors.  When dormitories are utilized, there shall be a minimum of one supervisor for each dormitory used.  This person shall be present whenever students are in the dormitories.
  7. Groups renting the center will be required to designate a representative to inspect the center, along with an employee of the district, prior to arrival of the organized group, to determine condition of facilities.
  8. Prior to departure, a representative of the organized group will re-inspect facilities with an employee of the district for the purpose of determining if any damage occurred.  The group will be billed for any necessary repairs or replacement of facilities or equipment.


Revised    7/1/01, 6/1/06, 10/11/12