The purposes of the school volunteer program are:

  1. To increase the educational attainment of students;
  2. To provide enrichment experiences beyond those that the school can provide;
  3. To provide more effective utilization of teacher time and skills;
  4. To give more individual attention to students who need it; and
  5. To promote greater community involvement.

General Principles

“Volunteers in Education” is a program of the district and is at all times guided by the principles and policies of the district.  At no time shall the volunteer program be in conflict with any provisions found in the current master agreements.

Volunteers are assigned to a school only upon the request of a teacher or the principal.

Volunteers serve only in an auxiliary capacity under the direction and supervision of certified school personnel.

A volunteer is not a substitute for a member of the school staff, but does supply supplemental and supportive services.

A volunteer shall not have access to confidential files and records.

Wherever possible, volunteers are assigned to the particular school where they wish to serve.

The relationship between volunteers and the school staff should be one of mutual respect and confidence.

All school volunteers work under the direction of the school staff and provide supportive services to them.  Volunteers are not teachers; they assist teachers and will only be assigned to those staff members who request them.  Volunteers shall never replace the paid school staff, nor will their presence mean that fewer paid staff members will be needed.

The district’s volunteerism program shall serve these goals:

  1. To maintain and continue to improve the quality, productivity and effectiveness of public education; and
  2. To increase community involvement and to improve and expand school-community interaction.

Persons interested in volunteering time or services to the district should contact the building principal/department head for assignment.

School volunteers serving in the district without financial compensation are bound by the policies, rules/regulations and procedures of the district.  They are to be supervised by the building principal/supervisor of the school/department they are serving.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 380.1261

(P 8400)

Adopted:   7/1/93