The district recognizes that parents and guardians must assume an active and accountable role in their children’s education to ensure positive academic success and appropriate student behavior.  The board supports the development, implementation and evaluation of programs to involve parents and the community in the myriad of activities in the district.

The district, in collaboration with parents and the community, shall establish programs and practices that enhance parent and community involvement and reflect the specific needs of each school building within the district.

The district will continue to develop parent and community involvement programs.  They will include, but not be limited to, the successful parent and community activity components as presented in the National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs instituted by the National Parent Teacher Association:

  1. Communicating—Activities that promote increased and improved communication between home and school and with the community;
  2. Parenting—Resources and events that support and enhance parenting skills;
  3. Student Learning/Mentoring:—A variety of programs that involve parents, senior citizens, businesses and the community that enhance academics, career experiences, and open doors to new interests and assist student learning;
  4. Volunteering—Opportunities that include parents and the community to mutually aid student learning and support the district’s curriculum;
  5. School Decision-making and Advocacy—Working with the PTAs in the district and with the many committees that exist within the district, opportunities exist for parents and to community to give input on decisions that affect children, families and community;
  6. Collaborating with Community—Community resources are used to strengthen schools, families, and student learning

LEGAL REF:  MCL 380.1294(1)

Adopted:  1-6-05