News Releases

The community relations office shall prepare copies of school news releases, approved by the superintendent for any member of the board upon request.

Staff members shall observe the following procedure when releasing information to the news media, except in regard to athletic events, recreation or community education activities, and school social events:

  1. If a staff member is approached by the news media concerning a feature story or program peculiar to that staff member or building, a request for approval shall be made to the building principal, who shall request authorization from the superintendent;
  2. If a staff member wishes to initiate a feature story for the news media, he/she should discuss the story with the building principal.  If it is agreed that the project will be pursued, the principal shall seek the superintendent’s approval.  If the superintendent approves, he/she shall contact the appropriate media representative(s) or authorize the principal to do so; and
  3. Teachers shall not contact the media directly, but work through the building principal on all news releases or feature stories.