Fees and Charges

Building principals or designated representatives shall be authorized to collect fees authorized by the board.


Textbooks:        Textbooks will be supplied without cost to all students, grades K-12.  For damage to books over and above ordinary wear and tear, or for loss of books, students will be charged a fee equal to such damage or loss.  For grades 9-12, a refundable deposit of $40.00 is required.  Should loss or damage be less than the deposit, the difference between the amount of deposit and the cost of replacement or repair shall be refunded to the student.  In instances where loss or damage exceeds the amount of deposit, the student will be required to pay an additional sum to cover the full cost of replacement or repair.

Workbooks:               Required workbooks will be furnished without cost to students.  Additional workbooks must be approved by the building principal.

Periodicals:       Current events, newspapers and similar periodicals will be provided without cost to students if recommended by the teacher and approved by the principal.

Supplies:           Consumable supplies such as paper and pencils will be made available through classroom teachers to meet the basic needs of students.  Non-consumable supplies such as scissors, rulers, protractors, etc. will be provided without cost to students for use in the classroom only.

Clothing:           Gym suits, swimming suits, kindergarten smocks, coveralls for auto mechanic students, etc. will be furnished by the student and will remain student property following use.

Classroom         Fees will not be charged for any course.  However, students will be

Fees:                 required to pay for projects which they wish to retain as personal property.  For those students who do not wish to keep a project, materials will be provided by the school and projects will remain the property of the school.  The school district reserves the right to limit the scope of projects which are made from school funds.


No fines shall be imposed upon any student provided, however, that school property lost, damaged or destroyed by a student shall be paid for by such student in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by the superintendent.

(P 6300)

Adopted:   7/1/93

Revised:    8/10/94