The general public does not have the right to inspect a student’s personal record files.

Directory Information

The custodian of records may make certain “directory information” available without parental or eligible student’s consent if public notice of the categories of information designated as “directory information” has been given.  After such public notice has been given, the parents have the right to object to the release of the information without their consent.  The following information is designated as “directory information” by the board:

  1. Student’s name
  2. Student’s address
  3. Student’s telephone number
  4. Participation, including photograph and image on film, in all officially recognized school activities and/or summer camps and programs
  5. Student’s documents, projects or picture published on the World Wide Web
  6. Honors and awards, honor roll members
  7. Height and weight of members of athletic teams
  8. Information generally found in yearbooks

The superintendent is directed to provide annual notice to parents/18-year-old students regarding the information that has been designated as “directory information.”  If a parent or eligible student does not wish the release of “directory information,” or any portion thereof, written notification must be given to the building principal on or before September 20 of each school year, specifying the types of “directory information” that are not to be disclosed with respect to the particular student.

(P 5117)

Adopted:   7/1/93
Revised:    6/12/03