Except as approved by the building principal, commercial firms shall not be permitted to solicit students during school hours in attendance centers or on school grounds.

Solicitations from organizations outside the school are forbidden.

All special sales projects by students are subject to the approval of the superintendent.  This policy shall include sale of advertising, magazines and merchandise.

Commercial schools, colleges or other agencies shall be permitted to meet with seniors or solicit prospective students only when the invitation and arrangements are approved by the building principal.  Counseling of students relative to continuation of their schooling or to job placement by outside organizations shall be handled through the guidance department under the supervision of the guidance counselor.

Solicitation of Students  (Cf. DK)

Solicitation of students by anyone within the schools or on school grounds for any cause is prohibited.  This prohibition includes the selling of tickets to students for any purpose or cause other than for a school-sponsored activity.

Solicitation by Students  (Cf. DK)

Solicitations by students within the schools or on school grounds for any cause is prohibited except as they relate to school-sponsored activities.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 380.1300

Adopted:   7/1/93