Student Cars

All automobiles must be registered.  If a car is not registered, a student may not drive it to school until it has been registered.  Registration forms are available in the attendance office.  Students must have a state of Michigan car registration in order to register the car.  Parking stickers and tickets will be available in the attendance office before and after school the first week only.  After that time, a student may only purchase stickers/tickets on Mondays before and after school.  Paid parking stickers are $100.00 per year.  Daily tickets are $1.00  each and a student must purchase a minimum of five.

In order to drive to school, a student must have a current sticker and either tickets or a paid parking sticker.  There will be no parking in the visitors lot or the faculty parking lot.  Violators will lose their driving privileges.

Students and staff are reminded that cars parked in “no parking” zones will be ticketed by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department.

Eligibility for Transportation  (Cf. ED-R)

The measurement of the distance to determine student eligibility for transportation service shall be one (1.0) mile for elementary and one and one-half (1.5) miles for secondary.  The distance will be measured from the point at which the student’s driveway meets the public thoroughfare to the point of intersection of the center of the public street with the nearest school door.  Students attending the LATE Program are excluded from eligibility for transportation.

Kindergarten students shall be transported according to paragraph one of this procedure except at the conclusion of the morning session and at the beginning of the afternoon session, kindergartners from designated areas shall be offered transportation service, regardless of distance from school.

Transportation of special education students will be provided as required by law.

However, where unusual traffic and other hazards exist, the supervisor of transportation is directed to study the situation and determine the most appropriate resolution which both reasonably ensures the safety of the student(s) involved and is cost effective.  Appeals of the supervisor’s decision may be made to the director of operations who will, as appropriate, work with the consultation services of public safety officers with jurisdiction for that geographic area.

The transportation department is directed to continually study routing and revise school district bus routes so as to require students to walk reasonable distances to pick-up points, reduce the total miles traveled by school buses, eliminate transportation of students to school buildings where walking distances are reasonable, and reduce the cost incurred by the district.


8/21/97, 5/21/98, 2/4/10