Upon the written request of parent(s) or guardian(s) and the receipt of written instructions from the student’s attending physician, a school administrator, a teacher or other school employee designated by the building principal may dispense medication to a student in accordance with procedures established by the superintendent.

Staff (trained when necessary) will dispense medication under guidelines described in the procedures for dispensing medication to students cited in these regulations.  These medications include both prescription and non-prescription, which may be administered orally (by mouth), by inhaler, or are injectable (epi-pen or other determined on an individual basis), in drop form or applied to the skin.

Inservice training will be provided as needed for all staff who will be administering medications.

The administration has a responsibility to address the issue of emergency medication for individual students, as necessary, and with medical consultation will develop an emergency plan which includes early identification, instruction in dispensing emergency medications to, from, and during school, special events, field trips, latchkey and athletics.

The school administration will communicate the district medication policy and procedures to parents annually, and to physicians upon request.

A school employee designated by the superintendent will respond to the need for the dispensing of medication providing it is done upon the written request of the parent(s) or guardian(s) and in accordance with written instructions from the student’s attending physician.  Consistent with this understanding, the administration will provide safe and adequate storage of medication, will keep a record of all medications dispensed in accordance with this policy, and will ensure that all medication is disposed of at the close of each school year.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 380.1178; AG Opinion #6476, #5679

(P 5320)

Adopted:   7/1/93

Revised:    6/18/98