All playground supervisors must receive basic first aid training and CPR training when hired.  Periodic certification updates also need to take place according to the guidelines established by the American Red Cross.

Principals, assistant principals, head teachers, office personnel, physical education instructors, cafeteria and lunchroom personnel, and the custodial coordinator should also maintain emergency first aid and CPR certification

At least one person in every school building in the district shall be qualified to administer first aid and CPR.

First aid shall be limited to the applying of simple bandages or infection preventatives and to any justifiable emergency aid such as stopping excessive bleeding to prevent further injury, disability or death.

Neither diagnosis nor treatment, except under emergency conditions, are within the responsibilities of school personnel, since school personnel are not trained to make what are essentially medical decisions.

First aid supplies must be maintained at the building level.  Basic supplies must be kept in two locations, including one that is readily accessible to playground supervisors while they are on duty.

First aid supplies recommended by the Oakland County Health Department include:

Adhesive tape Dixie cups Soap
Band-aids Gauze bandages Splints (2 sizes)
Blankets (2) Hypoallergenic wipes Surgical gloves
Cotton picks   (alcohol free, unscented) Steripax gauze
Cotton-tipped applicators Ice pack(s) Tongue blades
Disposable tissues Mouth guards Triangular bandages


Revised  6/3/99