If the superintendent decides the weather to be of such a nature that the safety of students is threatened, he/she will notify the radio stations (WOMC [104 FM], WWJ [950 AM], WJR [760 AM], WXYT [1270 AM]) and TV stations (Channels 2, 4, 7) and have a school closing announcement broadcast.

Every student will be notified of these rules and regulations at the beginning of each school term.

Bomb Threats

  1. The secretary receiving the call will notify the building principal or assistant principal immediately and no one else.  Calmness and secrecy are of the utmost importance.
  1. The building principal or assistant will notify the deputy superintendent of schools.  If not available, the superintendent.
  1. If, in the judgment of the building principal and the deputy superintendent of schools, they believe the call to be a hoax, the building principal shall direct his/her assistant(s) and custodian(s) to make a quiet search of lavatories, locker rooms, etc.
  1. Should they discover nothing, school will continue as usual.
  1. In the event that the police have been notified, either by the bomb caller or principal, they will assist in the search of the building if the building administrator so desires their aid.  However, the decision to evacuate the building is to be the decision of the school personnel.
  1. If the principal, in conjunction with a representative from the central office, feel that evacuation is warranted, steps 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be followed.
  1. The decision to evacuate for a short period of time (while a cursory search is made) can be made by the principal in conjunction with a representative from the central office.  However, the decision to send students home must be approved by the superintendent, or in his/her absence, the deputy superintendent of schools.
  1. The deputy superintendent of schools will notify the director of operations and the supervisor of transportation so that arrangements can be made to take the students home.  (See EBBD-R-2, Early Dismissal)
  1. The building principal will sound the fire alarm if the weather is warm.  If the weather is cold, the principal will announce over the PA the following:

“Will you please go as quickly and quietly as possible to your lockers, get your coats and return to your homeroom.  When the fire alarm sounds, proceed outside according to your room directions.”

  1. Depending upon the building, the area which would accommodate the most children will be thoroughly searched and students will be notified to re-enter the building and go to that section to await the arrival of buses.

It is extremely important that children not be sent home unless it is the feeling of the school officials that the bomb call was legitimate.

7/1/93, 10/6/11