To comply with the child protection law, any teacher or other school employee who suspects that a child’s physical or mental health or welfare is being adversely affected by abuse or neglect shall immediately report such suspicions in the following manner.

Emergency Situations

An emergency situation includes, but is not limited to, life-threatening situations, reports of sexual abuse, obvious physical impairment, marks of abuse or overt behavior changes.

The building principal shall notify the superintendent of the disposition of the initial report to the Family Independence Agency (FIA) (Protective Services).

Non-Emergency Situations

It is recommended that the person suspecting abuse or neglect shall report his/her suspicions to the building principal.  The principal shall confer with the school’s social worker, guidance counselor or psychologist, if any, and notify the local FIA (Protective Services) office.  At no time shall the principal or any other staff members prevent or interfere with the intent to prevent the making of a report of suspected child abuse.

As much of the following information shall be given by the initial reporter:  name, address and age of the student; name and address of the parents or guardians; nature and extent of injuries or description of neglect or sexual abuse; and any other information that might help establish the cause of the child’s condition.

Any personal interview or physical inspection of the child by any school employee shall be conducted in an appropriate manner with an adult witness present.

An oral report to the principal must be made as soon as possible and will be followed by a written report.

In Michigan, anyone making a report in accordance with state law or participating in a resulting judicial proceeding is presumed to be acting without malice and in good faith and, in so doing, is immune from any civil or criminal liability that might otherwise be imposed.


Revised  4/6/2000