The superintendent, in cooperation with the principals, shall establish an advance enrollment date for all students. Enrollment procedures will be communicated to the news media, and every attempt will be made to enlist the cooperation of the media in informing the public of the enrollment procedures to be followed:

First-time Enrollments

All new enrollees who were born in the United States, including kindergarten students, must have a certified copy of their birth certificate and immunization records on file before they can begin attending school. New enrollees from a foreign country must present a certified copy of their birth certificate and/or passport, and their immunization records before they can begin attending school.

Resident Students

The enrolling officer shall ascertain that all students who apply for admission to the schools are residents of the district. In the event there is a doubt about the legal residence of a student, the superintendent shall be notified.

Nonresident Students  (Cf. AD-R)

A nonresident student who desires to be admitted to the schools of the district shall make application as a Section 105 schools of choice student or a Section 106(6)(f) student who was the victim of a criminal sexual assault or other serious assault on school grounds.  (See JBC-R-4).


No Child Left Behind Provisions (Cf. AD-R)

  1. Students assigned to Title I schools identified for school improvement, corrective action or restructuring will be offered transfer options as required by the No Child Left Behind Act. LEGAL REF: 20 U. S. C. 6316
  2. A student will be given the opportunity to transfer to one or more designated schools from a school designated persistently dangerous as determined by statewide policy or if he or she is subject to a violent criminal offense while on school grounds as determined by state law.  A transfer offered from a school identified as persistently dangerous will be in effect until the original school is no longer identified as persistently dangerous.  LEGAL REF: 20 U.S.C.7912


Resident Student Attendance in Another District  (Rev. 5/20/99, 6/26/03)

All requests shall be made to the superintendent in writing. Upon request of the students’ parent or guardian, students meeting one or more of the following conditions will be released to another public school district:

  1. Students whose parent or guardian produce a signed purchase agreement or lease for residence in another public school district.
  2. Twelfth graders who attended eleventh grade in another public school district who wish to remain in that district.
  3. Students who, after enrollment and experience in the Walled Lake Consolidated School District, have, in the judgment of the superintendent, documented educational, psychological or medical needs that cannot be met within the Walled Lake Consolidated School District.


Assignment to Classes

The building principal shall be responsible for assignment of all students within the school to classes. In the elementary schools the principal, in determining the grade level for any new student, may take into consideration the previous schooling of the student, but may assign the student to a lower grade level or higher grade level, if in his/her judgment the best interests of the student would be served thereby. In the middle school and in the senior high school, full faith and credit shall be given to units earned in other accredited schools, unless the principal shall determine that there is valid reason for not doing so.

In the event a parent or guardian is dissatisfied with a student assignment, he/she shall confer with the principal, and if he/she is not satisfied with the principal’s explanation of the basis for the assignment, he/she may confer with the principal’s supervisor and if not satisfied there shall confer with the superintendent.

In the event the parent or guardian is still dissatisfied, the assignment may be appealed in writing to the board.

Transfers From Non-Accredited Schools  (Cf. IHF)

Students, attending or having attended a non-accredited school, who wish to attend school in the district must be approved via the Walled Lake Consolidated School District’s process for credit acceptance and be tested by an appropriate guidance counselor to determine grade level placement. Grade placement shall be made by the school officials after consultation with the parents or guardians, guidance personnel and the superintendent.  Criteria for final placement shall include past educational experience and successful performance and/or examination at the level of initial assignment.

Section 105 Schools of Choice (Countywide) (Added 8/96Rev. 5/2/02, 4/3/03, 3/4/04, 1/6/05, 2/2/06, 11/6/08, 1/15/09, 9/16/10, 10/6/11)

The district will accept Section 105 schools of choice applications from nonresident students residing within the Oakland Intermediate School District on a limited basis.  The specific number of schools of choice openings will be determined by the deputy superintendent of schools on a yearly basis not to exceed 7% for the 2014-2015 school year only of the most recent September count in any individual school.  Enrollment decisions will occur after all in-district transfer requests submitted by March 1 have been completed.

7/1/93  Rev.  3/10/94, 11/17/94, 10/5/95, 8/15/96, 8/21/97, 3/19/98, 5/7/98, 5/20/99, 10/7/99, 5/18/2000, 3/1/015/2/02, 4/3/03, 3/4/04, 1/6/05, 12/3/05, 2/2/06, 2/7/08, 6/5/08, 11/2/08, 1/15/09, 2/5/09, 3/5/09, 8/20/09, 9/16/10, 10/6/11, 5/1/14