School Improvement Committees


The board authorizes the formation of building-level school improvement committees at each school within the district (and the board may establish a districtwide school improvement project committee).


Each building school improvement committee shall be comprised of a number of persons as each school improvement committee determines.


The purpose of each school improvement committee shall be to establish goals for the school and to oversee the programs and activities leading toward the attainment of those goals.  The goals established by the school improvement committee shall be compatible with the district’s mission statement and goals established by the board (the purpose of the districtwide school improvement committee is to monitor the projects and receive the information about the building school improvement projects and report to the board what is happening and what are the results).


Building school improvement committees shall be established, re-established and/or adjusted annually.


Committee Membership


The building school improvement committee should have representatives from the following groups as members:  building administrator, teacher(s), support staff representatives, parents, community members, students as appropriate, and others as the school improvement committee may find necessary to assist it in attaining its goals.