A student who, for educational and vocational reasons, wishes to graduate from high school in less time than the normal four-year grade 9-12 sequence may request permission for early graduation.  The student and parents shall consult with high school administrative and/or guidance personnel in order to develop a graduation plan.

The student shall request in writing to the principal permission for early graduation with reasons supporting his/her plan and request.  Examples of reasons to be given consideration are Hardship circumstances, Vocational opportunities, Enlistment in the military occupations, Pursuit of a continuous specialized education objective, and College entrance.

The student, parent or the legal guardian of the student must submit a letter in support of the student’s request for early graduation, and such letter is to accompany the student’s written request.  The request letters are to be submitted to the principal no later than September 15 of the school year in which the student intends to graduate.

The student must reasonably be expected to satisfactorily complete all state and local graduation requirements of subjects and credit units or their accepted equivalents in order for consideration to be given to any request.

Each request will be reviewed by the building principal and upon the principal’s recommendation, final approval may be granted by the superintendent.  One case shall not set a precedent for others.


(P 5500)

Adopted:   7/1/93