A field trip is a logical extension of the classroom curriculum because it has educational/instructional value.  The superintendent shall develop the procedures necessary

to ensure the safety and well-being of all field trip participants and to obtain the written permission of the parent or guardian of each student prior to the field trip. During all field trips, students must follow the guidelines and expectations of the Walled Lake Schools’ Student Conduct Code. Students shall not be prohibited from participation on field trips because of inability to pay.

Field trips recognized by the Board include:

  1. Regular Field Trips

Field trips normally taken as part of the school program of one day or less in duration.

  1. Extended Field Trips

Overnight field trips are considered extended field trips.  These include athletic camps and/or exhibitions, fine and performing arts shows and performances, foreign travel, and any overnight activities where students are representing the district and are accompanied by district employees.

Recreational trips, tours or programs traditionally known as “senior class trips” place undue burdens of financial and legal responsibilities on school employees and the school district.  School employees are, therefore, enjoined not to sponsor, chaperone, supervise or organize such trips.  If students, parents or outside groups wish to plan such excursions independently, they do so without school endorsement or support.  Distribution of descriptive materials/advertisements for such trips sponsored by outside individuals or groups will not be permitted.


LEGAL REF:     MCL, 380.1321-1332; R 340.241-243


Adopted:   7/1/93

Revised:                      4/2/98