Musical Instruments


With the exception of tonettes and the music booklet, students shall be required to furnish their own musical instrument.



Musical instruments owned by the school district shall be made available to students without a rental charge.  A refundable damage deposit may be required of students using school-owned instruments.  The district will be responsible for furnishing the sheet music, practice booklets, reeds, valve oil and other similar supplies.


Textbook Selection and Adoption


In accordance with Michigan School Laws, textbooks and workbooks used in the district shall be adopted by the board.  Once adopted, textbooks shall not be changed without board approval and shall, except in unusual situations, be used for at least five years.


The superintendent shall be responsible, with the advice of the professional staff, to recommend to the board textbooks and other educational materials for adoption.  The board shall make every effort to implement those recommendations.


Textbooks should be continuous and sequential in nature when possible.


To ensure that students have access to current textbooks, to the extent possible, adoption practices should be cyclical and annual.


Insofar as possible, all textbooks should present balanced views concerning the international, national and local issues and problems of our times.


Textbooks should:

Provide materials to stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values and ethical standards;

Provide materials that will help students develop abilities in critical thinking and reading;

Provide materials that will develop and foster an appreciation of American cultural diversity and development that recognize, in a bias-free manner, the contributions of all races and genders;

Provide an effective basic education for all students; and

Allow sufficient flexibility for meeting the special needs of individuals and groups.


The superintendent shall develop administrative rules outlining a procedure to select textbooks which meet the above criteria.  This process shall include a review of available material by instructional staff members.  The recommendations resulting from each review will be given thorough consideration.


Any citizen who objects to the final selection made by the board should follow the procedures outlined in the board’s policy on “Public Complaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Materials.”  (Cf. IFBC-R)


Deposit on Textbooks (Secondary)


The board shall determine a refundable deposit fee for the use of the district’s textbooks and establish a procedure for the free use of textbooks.




LEGAL REF:     MCL, 380.132; 380.247; 380.1421-1422; 380.1431; 380.1300;

R 390.1105(2)


(P 6300, P 6316)

Adopted:   7/1/93