Any person residing in the district who has not earned a high school diploma, is 18 years of age or older, and is not attending day school may enroll in adult education classes without instructional charge.  District residents who have received a high school diploma may enroll in adult education classes on a tuition basis.  Non-residents may be enrolled in adult education classes, but may be required to pay non-resident tuition for credit classes and somewhat higher fees for non-credit classes.


A Walled Lake daytime student may, with the joint approval of the home school principal and the adult education administration, enroll in the adult education program for credit on a tuition basis.  This availability is limited to one class per semester for high school seniors only.


Any former day school student enrolling in the adult education program may not graduate ahead of his or her original high school class.


Minimal Requirements for Adult Education Graduation  (See IHF-4)