The board, with support from its administrative staff, recognizes that competing in athletics is not a right, but a privilege, and expects athletes to assume their responsibilities in adhering to the athletic policy established by the athletic council, approved by the board, and published in the student handbook. Students who are members of athletic teams represent themselves, their school community, parents and team. Conduct at all times, both on and off the athletic field, will be of the highest standard.


The board supports a code of conduct for coaches and that their ability as coaches should be measured not only by games won and lost, but their effect upon the development of the character of the athlete and attitude toward the school, the team and teammates.


League Membership


Membership of the district in an interscholastic athletic conference or league shall be subject to board approval upon recommendation of the superintendent and the athletic director. The board shall review the constitution and bylaws of such organization and its rules and regulations before giving its approval.


Likewise, the district or its schools are eligible to vote on changes in the Michigan High School Athletic Association’s constitution, bylaws, or rules and for membership to the Association Athletic Council. The principal shall make recommendations as to the action to be taken and provide the superintendent with background information and rationale for the recommendations.




It shall be the board’s policy to employ qualified coaches and, to the extent possible, secure them from the school’s teaching faculty.


If it is necessary to secure persons from outside the staff, the superintendent shall recommend only those persons who are qualified to coach the sport, work with young people, and who have knowledge of first aid and the physical needs and limitations of students who are participating in the sport. Inservice training shall be provided to acquaint the outside coach with the school system, board and administrative policies and rules governing interscholastic athletics and basic instruction in first aid.


The superintendent is delegated the authority to appoint teaching staff members to coaching staff positions.


Membership in Michigan High School Athletic Association


The board shall annually enroll the district’s secondary schools as members of the Michigan High School Athletic Association and to participate in the approved inter-school athletics activities sponsored by said association. The superintendent shall be responsible to supervise and control said activities. It is further the intent of the board to accept the constitution and bylaws of said association and adopt as its own the rules and regulations of the association as minimum standards.

Nonpublic School Student and Home School Student

Participation in Interscholastic Athletics  (Cf. IDC)


To participate in an interscholastic sport in the district, a nonpublic school student or a home school student must be dually-enrolled, as defined in Policy IDC, and taking at least 50% of the total periods of work in the public school of residence. The student must be carrying those classes successfully, and must meet all of the eligibility requirements of the Michigan High School Athletic Association and the district. Providing these requirements are met, the nonpublic school student or home school student may be eligible to participate in the district’s interscholastic athletic program at his or her secondary school of residence.


Complaint Procedure for Athletic Department Concerns


When a student, parent or district employee has a question, concern or complaint regarding an athletic situation, the following line of communication for resolution will be followed:

  1. Make an appointment to review the issue with the coach involved.  Do not confront the coach in a public setting other than to ask for an appointment.  If not satisfactorily resolved, and the coach involved was not the varsity head coach, advance to Step 2. Otherwise, advance to Step 3.
  2. Review the issue with the varsity head coach. If not satisfactorily resolved, advance to Step 3.
  3. Review the issue with the building athletic coordinator. If not satisfactorily resolved, advance to Step 4.
  4. Review the issue with the assistant principal in charge of athletics.


If Steps 1-4 have been followed and the issue is still not satisfactorily resolved, the appeal process may begin.


Athletic Department Appeal Process and Athletic Appeals Panel


The procedure for appealing an athletic department decision follows:


  1. A letter must be sent to the building principal stating the nature of the concern or complaint and the Steps that have been followed to date. The letter should also state the relief that is being sought. The request for an appeal to the building principal shall be made within three (3) days of the meeting date with the assistant principal in charge of athletics.


  1. Upon receiving an appeal letter, the principal, within three (3) days, will schedule a meeting with all parties involved (coach, building athletic coordinator, assistant principal in charge of athletics, student, and parents).  If any of the parties have witnesses who can strengthen their case, the principal will interview them.  Based on the review of the appeal, the building principal will, in writing, adjust, revoke or sustain the original decision.  Copies will be sent to all parties involved.  The principal’s final decision will be made within six (6) days of receipt of the appeal letter.


  1. 3.    If dissatisfaction still exists, an appeal can be made to the district director of athletics.

The complainant must send a letter requesting an appointment along with a copy of the

original appeal letter and a copy of the principal’s final decision.  This must occur within

three (3) days of the principal’s decision.  The district director of athletics will interview the

complainant and the principal within three (3) days of receipt of the appeal letter.  The

interviews may be conducted with all parties present or individually.  The district athletic

director will make a decision and render an opinion, in writing, to both the complainant and

the principal within six (6) days of receipt of the letter.

4.     If the complainant is dissatisfied with the decision of the district director of athletics, an

appeal may be made, in writing, to the deputy superintendent of schools, within three (3)

days of receipt of the written decision of the district athletic director.  The complainant

should provide, along with the letter requesting a meeting, all prior written documentation

pertaining to the situation.


  1. Within three (3) days, the deputy superintendent of schools will attempt to resolve the problem by meeting with the involved building personnel and complainant.  If not resolved the deputy superintendent of schools will notify the superintendent of the need to convene the Athletic Appeals Panel.
  2. The Athletic Appeals Panel will consist of one Board member, the superintendent, two coaches (one coach from each school not involved in the complaint), two administrators (one administrator from each school not involved in the complaint) and two parents (one parent from each school not involved in the complaint).


The Athletic Appeals Panel will review all written documentation and interview, at a minimum, the coach, the principal and the complainant.  At this time, a decision will be made to determine if other interviews are necessary.  The complainant will be notified, in writing, of the results of the appeal within six (6) days of the hearing.


  1. The decision of the Athletic Appeals Panel is final.


7/1/93 Rev.  9/4/97, 2/6/03, 3/5/09, 5/7/09, 10/6/11