Grade Point Average

The high school grade point average shall be computed by dividing the total grade points earned by the number of subjects taken.


Points shall be computed on the following basis:  A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, E = 0, Incomplete = 0.  When an incomplete grade is changed, the grade point average shall be computed.  “Incomplete” is not a passing grade.

Plus and minus marks shall be ignored in computing the grade point average.

Weighted Grading – Advanced Placement Courses

The Walled Lake high schools offer a number of advanced academic programs.  The purpose of these programs is to provide challenging college preparatory programs for students.  In recognition of the rigorous academic standards that Advanced Placement courses represent, the following weighted grading system has been established:  A = 5.00, B = 3.75, C = 2.50, D = 1.25, E = 0.00.

District Grading Scale, Grades 4-12  (Revised 7/8/96, 9/8/11)

The district wide grading scale for grades four through twelve is as follows:

100% and above   =     A+                 79% – 78%      =    C+

99% – 92%          =     A                   77% – 72%      =    C

91% – 90%          =     A-                  71% – 70%      =    C-

89% – 88%          =     B+                 69% – 68%      =    D+

87% – 82%          =     B                   67% – 62%      =    D

81% – 80%          =     B-              61% – 60%         =    D-

59% and below  =  E



Procedure for Appeal of Student Grade

This procedure is implemented by the district to comply with Act 232 of the Public Acts of 1988 more commonly referred to as MCLA 380.1249.


  1. No district employee shall change a student’s grade given to that student by a teacher unless the grade change is made in compliance with the following procedures.
  2. Definitions—As used in these procedures, the following terms shall be defined as follows:
    1. Grade—The letter or numeric evaluation given a student by a teacher on any written or oral task or the composite letter or numeric evaluation given a student by a teacher for a grading period.
    2. Student—A student enrolled in the district who is 18 years-of-age or older or the parent(s) or legal guardian of a student who is under the age of 18 years.
    3. Superintendent—The superintendent of the district or person(s) designated by the superintendent to act on the superintendent’s behalf.
    4. Review Panel—A panel composed of one board member appointed annually by the board prior to September 15, three teachers employed by the district and appointed annually by their bargaining unit prior to September 15 of each school year, and the superintendent who shall act as chairperson of the review panel.
  3. A student seeking a grade change shall submit to the principal within 30 days after receipt of notice of the grade a written request for grade change stating the reason(s) for the proposed grade change.
    1. Within ten days of receipt of the request, the principal shall submit the request to the     teacher and meet with the teacher to review the request.
    2. Within ten days of the meeting, the teacher shall submit to the principal a written response to the request, unless the teacher concurs in writing with the grade change.
    3. The principal shall, within five days of receipt of the teacher’s response, notify the student that the teacher has concurred and that the grade has been changed or provide the student with a copy of the teacher’s response and inform the student that in order to seek further review, the student must submit to the superintendent a written request for review by the Review Panel within ten days.
  4. Within ten days of receipt of a request for review by the Review Panel, the superintendent shall notify the teacher, the student and the Review Panel of the time, date and place of the Review Panel meeting.  This meeting shall occur not less than seven or more than 30 days after receipt of the request for review.
  5. The Review Panel shall meet at a time, date and place designated by the superintendent.
  6. At the Review Panel meeting:
    1. The teacher shall state the reason for the grade, provide a copy of any written procedure pursuant to which the grade was determined and state the educational rationale for the grade.
    2. The student shall state the reason(s) for the request for the change.  Such         written information as may be deemed appropriate by the chairperson will be accepted for review by the panel.
    3. All persons except the panel members (and legal counsel for the Review Panel) shall be excused.  The student, the teacher and their advocates, if any, shall be excused.
    4.    The Review Panel shall determine, by majority vote, whether or not to change the grade.
  7. The Review Panel shall issue its decision in writing stating a brief summary of its decision.
  8. The decision of the Review Panel shall be communicated, in writing, to the teacher, the student and the principal as soon as practical.
  9. If the Review Panel determines to change the grade, the teacher shall be notified, in writing.
  10. The teacher may appeal the decision of the Review Panel by filing a written request for appeal with the board secretary not later than ten days after receipt of the notice of decision of the Review Panel.
  11. The board shall set a time, date and place to meet to hear the teacher’s objection to the grade change.  The student may appear at this meeting.
  12. The board shall rule on the appeal, but shall not identify the student or teacher by name and shall comply with the requirements of the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, with regard to the confidentiality of student records.
  13. The board shall direct the superintendent to furnish written notification to the teacher and the student of its decision which decision shall be final and binding on the teacher and the student.
  14. When the grade change has been made, the board shall receive a copy of the student’s transcript.

Best-Work Transcript  (added 8/15/96)


The best work of each student will be reflected in his or her official transcript.  If  a student repeats a class:

1)   the low grade for the repeated class will be dropped from the student transcript and will not be figured into the computation of the GPA;

2)   the repeated class will be assigned a symbol indicating a repeat;

3)   students will receive letter-grade credit for their best work when repeating the class in summer school at an NCA-accredited school; and

4)   students will receive letter-grade credit for their best work when repeating the class during the regular school year.



Rev.  8/15/96, 9/8/11