The board recognizes that, relatively, students must be free to learn and teachers free to teach. Thus, no special limitations shall be placed upon study, investigation, presentation or interpretation of facts and ideas, except that:


  1. The teacher must be acting within this assigned area in accordance with approved courses of study.


  1. The teacher must submit an outline in advance of its possible use to his or her immediate supervisor of any “controversial” subject matter to provide the supervisor the opportunity to review and approve its use.


  1. The teacher must exercise responsibility and prudence, and must realize that he or she has a special responsibility to consider the maturity level of the students and the special circumstances that surround the teacher/learning relationship.


  1. The teacher may not infringe upon the freedom of his or her students.  Opinion should be stated as such and theory for what it is.  Teachers shall not seek to proselytize political or religious views in the classroom.