IAMission Statement
IBAcademic Freedom
IB-RAcademic Freedom
ICCurriculum Development
ICFACurriculum Guides and Course Outlines
IDCShared Time Programs
IDFAInterscholastic Athletics
IDFA-RInterscholastic Athletics
IDGAdult Education Program
IDG-RAdult Education Program
IFInstructional Resources
IF-RInstructional Resources (Cf. JS)
IFBCInstructional Materials and Media Centers
IFBC-RInstructional Materials and Media Centers
 Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
 Parental Permission Form - Films/Videos (Sample Letter)
 Principal Approval Form - Films/Videos
IFCBField Trips (Cf. DK, EDAE, EDAG)
IFCB-RField Trips (Cf. DK, EDAE, EDAG)
 Field Trip Bus Safety Rules
Use of Private Transportation
Guidelines for Sleeping Overnight in WLCS Buildings
 Regular Field Trip Request Form
 Regular Field Trip Consent Form
 Sample Letter to Parents Re: Unapproved Student Trips
 Extended Field Trip Request Form
 Extended/Overnight Field Trip Parent Notice and Medical Consent Form
 Performing Arts Field Trip Consent - IFCB-R-13
 Performing Arts Field Trip Consent - IFCB-R-13a
 Performing Arts Field Trip Transportation Authorization - IFCB-R-13b
 Extended/Overnight Performing Arts Parent Notice - IFCB-R-13c
 Foreign Travel Information Form
 Field Trip Chaperone Guidelines and Information Form
 Field Trip Private Transportation Authorization
 Extended Field Trip Emergency Preparedness Form
 Ahtletic Private Transportation Authorization
 Extended/Overnight Athletic Request Form
 Extended/Overnight Athletic Parent Notice & Medical Consent
IHEPromotion and Retention and Grade Assignments
IHE-RPromotion and Retention and Grade Assignments
IHEEAdvanced College Placement (Cf. IDA-R, IHF, IHG)
IHFGraduation Requirements (Cf. IHEE, IHG)
IHGEarly Graduation (Cf. IHEE, IHF)
IJAddresses by President/Governor
IJ-RAddresses by President/Governor
IKCTeaching about Religion (Cf. GCA, EDAA, EBB-R, JBF)
IKC-RTeaching about Religion
IKJFlag Displays
ILSchool Improvement
IL-RSchool Improvement