Under current law, teachers may resign by giving written notice to the board at least 60 days prior to September 1 of the ensuing school year, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon.  The superintendent is authorized to act on behalf of the board in the acceptance of an employee’s resignation.

In instances where an employee wishes to leave on shorter notice, the board may permit an earlier release on condition that satisfactory arrangements can be made for replacement.  The board reserves unto itself the right to make the final decision on such requests.

Once a resignation is tendered to the board through the superintendent, and has been accepted by the superintendent, that resignation shall be considered final unless its withdrawal is approved by the board.  The superintendent shall immediately accept the resignation in writing and shall, in the letter of acceptance, include a copy of the Michigan Teachers’ Tenure Act.

Any teacher discontinuing his/her service in any other manner shall forfeit rights to continuing tenure previously acquired, and such action shall become part of the personnel record of said teacher.



LEGAL REF:    MCL, 38.71-121

(P 4107)

Adopted:   7/1/93