District personnel are required to meet the highest standards of personal integrity, professionalism and performance. District employees whose conduct or performance is inconsistent with successfully educating District students or whose performance falls short of District expectations are subject to corrective or disciplinary action.

This discipline and discharge policy includes, but is not limited to, District employees whose employment is regulated by the Teachers’ Tenure Act (TTA), MCL 38.71 et seq., except that this policy does not apply to a decision to discharge or not to renew the employment of a probationary teacher. A probationary teacher is considered an at-will employee and his/her employment may be terminated at any time and for any reason that is not in violation of state or federal law. As required by Michigan law, this policy supersedes any provision of any collective bargaining agreement covering a District employee whose employment is regulated by the TTA. However, this policy does not supersede enforceable provisions of other collective bargaining agreements or individual employment contracts.

Discipline, for purposes of this policy, includes verbal and written warnings, verbal and written reprimands, suspensions, and dismissals or discharges.   Discipline does not include verbal or written directives, placement upon a voluntary or involuntary leave of absence or periodic performance evaluations.

Disciplinary actions are taken at the discretion of the District and may be imposed for any reason that is not arbitrary or capricious. District disciplinary actions are final and not subject to any grievance or arbitration procedure, except as otherwise expressly provided by law or the provisions of any individual employment contract or collective bargaining agreement that does not cover teachers whose employment is regulated by the TTA.


Adopted:   7/1/93, 5/4/17