When placing student teachers and interns in the district, the superintendent and staff shall:

  1. Provide for placement of student teachers and interns with outstanding teachers who shall serve as supervisors;
  2. Protect students from being overexposed to student teaching, and teachers from excessive supervisory responsibilities toward student teachers and interns;
  3. Ensure placement of student teachers and interns without regard to race, color, sex, age, creed, national origin, handicap or disability; and
  4. Make provisions with higher education institutions to provide for cooperative selection of student teachers to be placed in the district’s schools.

Student Teacher Selection

Prospective student teachers shall complete an application form and be interviewed by the building principal who shall determine whether or not the student is acceptable.

Supervising Teacher Selection

The building principal shall be responsible for determining those teachers on staff who may be designated as supervising teachers.  This shall be done with the prior approval of the teaching staff.

The duties and responsibilities of supervising teachers and building principals regarding student teachers and interns can be found in the appropriate staff/faculty handbooks on file in the district and school offices.

If at any time a student teacher or intern becomes unacceptable, the district reserves the right to refuse that student teacher or intern further teaching experience within the district.

Student teachers shall not be used as substitute teachers in case of teacher illness or other personal reason, except as agreed to between the sponsoring university and the Walled Lake Consolidated School District Personnel Department.

A written contract shall be negotiated with and signed by a duly authorized representative of the university and shall include an agreement whereby the district is relieved of its responsibility and liability for workers’ compensation claims which may result from accidents to student teachers and interns performing their assigned responsibilities within the district.

In all instances, the student teacher or intern shall be under the direct supervision of the building principal.




Rev.  3/10/94, 5/1/03