The Board reserves all of its rights and authority under the law to make decisions regarding teacher placement.

For purposes of this policy, “placement” includes the filling of vacancies, voluntary and involuntary transfers, job sharing, and any decision that results in the placement of a teacher in an assignment.

For purposes of this policy, “teacher” includes individuals whose employment is regulated by the Tenure Act, including certain school administrators (individuals with teaching certificates as defined by the Teacher Certification Code), who are assigned to positions within the District for which Michigan Department of Education (MDE) requires a teaching certificate.

Individuals who are assigned to a position for which a certificate is not required, are not subject to this policy or its implementing regulations (e.g. school social workers, school psychologists, speech pathologists, etc.), except for probationary staff.



LEGAL REF:   MCL, 380.1261; 380.1300

Adopted:   7/1/93, 5/4/17