An educational program of excellence is dependent, in large measure, upon the employment and retention of highly talented teaching personnel.

To aid in obtaining professional staff members best matched to available teaching positions, the board approves the following general criteria as being important features of the total selection process for initial teaching employment:  educational preparation and professional certification, academic and intellectual ability, written and verbal skills, successful background experiences, professional commitment and attitude,   recommendations, references, personality and suitability to position.

The board further acknowledges that the highest quality of instruction is enhanced when professional staff are assigned to teach primarily in their major fields and/or major subject areas, with elementary education defined as a major field.

All teaching personnel recommended for employment are subject to approval by the board.  The employment of any professional staff member is not official until the contract is approved by the board and signed by the candidate.

The teacher employment sequence shall be as follows:

  1. Upon completion of interviews with interview teams and appropriate administrators, an offer of employment to the selected candidate will be made.  The offer of employment is made expressly subject to board approval.
  2. The selected candidate acknowledges acceptance of the offer of employment by signing an individual teacher contract.
  3. The individual teacher contract will be formally completed by the director of personnel and community relations with a copy of said contract sent to the teacher after the approval for hiring has been made by the board at a regularly scheduled board meeting.