Fund Drives


Employees are encouraged to contribute to the United Foundation and the Foundation for Excellence – Walled Lake Schools.  Plans for the number of pay days over which deductions may be made and the method of collecting authorization cards will be determined annually.


Tax-Sheltered Annuites and Eligible 457 Plan


The Assistant Superintendent of business services is authorized to adopt proper procedures for the administration of and handling of all funds, the handling and transmission of which has been made necessary through the adoption of and implementation of the policy declared.


All present district employees and all individuals who shall subsequently be employed by the district shall be informed of the policy by the superintendent in whatever manner he/she deems proper, as expeditiously as possible or at the time of employment, whichever is applicable.


Tax-sheltered annuity programs, tax-sheltered custodial accounts, and eligible 457 plans that meet criteria established by the Assistant Superintendent of business services shall be made available to district employees.





Revised:  12/16/99, 1/9/03, 1/4/07