Employee files shall include, but not be limited to:  application, recommendations, college or educational credentials, transcripts, correspondence, anecdotal notes and evaluation reports.

The board may have access to personnel files of employees when such access is deemed necessary by the board in the employee-employer relationship.  Individual board members shall not have access to personnel files or records.

Administrators or supervisors in the course of conducting their duties shall have access to the personnel files of employees.

An employee, upon at least one day’s notice to the appropriate administrator having custodianship of the employee’s personnel file, shall be provided an opportunity to periodically review at reasonable intervals, generally not more than two times per year,  his or her personnel file.  The review shall take place in the presence of the custodial administrator, or his/her designee, during normal office hours, unless a review during normal office hours would require the employee to take time off from work, then some other reasonable time for the review will be arranged.   Prior to the employee’s review, the custodial administrator shall remove those documents not to be included in a personnel record as defined in Sec. 1(c)(i-viii) of the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act, i.e., recommendations, college or educational credentials, transcripts, etc.