The superintendent shall have the authority to establish a procedure for the recruitment of well-qualified personnel to staff the schools.  The superintendent may request building principals or other staff members to assist in this effort.

Identity and Employment Status

All potential employees of the district shall verify their identity and employment status to the superintendent.

The superintendent shall maintain a file on all of the district’s employees hired after November 6, 1986, proving that each employee has verified their identity, employment status, and U.S. citizenship or legal alien status to the superintendent’s satisfaction.  Evidence to be used to verify identity, employment status, U.S. citizenship, or legal alien status must include at least two of the following documents, one of which contains a current photo of the employee:  U.S. birth certificate or social security card, and a current driver’s license or a state or military identification card; or one of the following:  U.S. passport, certificate of U.S. citizenship, certificate of naturalization, unexpired foreign passport or resident alien card.

Adopted:   7/1/93