Federal Register, Vol. 53, No. 204, #200.34

(a)   General rule. (1) An LEA may receive funds under this part only if it implements programs, activities and procedures for the involvement of parents of participating public and private school children.  This involvement must include, but is not limited to, parent input into the planning, design and implementation of the Title 1 LEA Program.

(2)(i)   The activities and procedures required under paragraph (a)(1) of this section must be planned and implemented with the meaningful consultation of parents of participating children.

(ii)    The consultation required in paragraph (a)(2)(i) of this section and in other sections in this part must be organized, systematic, ongoing, informed and timely in relation to decisions about the program.

(3)   The activities and procedures for the involvement of parents must be of sufficient size, scope and quality to give reasonable promise of substantial progress toward achieving the goals under paragraph (b) of this section.

(b)   Goals of parental involvement.  To meet the requirements in paragraph (a) of this section, an LEA shall, in coordination with parents of participating children, develop programs, activities and procedures that have the following goals:

(1)   To inform parents of participating children of the—

(i)    Reasons their children are participating in the program; and

(ii)    Specific instructional objectives and methods of the program.

(2)   To support the efforts of parents, including training parents, to the maximum extent practicable, to—

(i)    Work with their children in the home to attain the instructional objectives of the program; and

(ii)    Understand the program requirements.

(3)   To train parents, teachers and principals to build a partnership between home and school.

(4)   To train teachers, principals and other staff members involved in the Title 1 LEA Program to work effectively with the parents of participating children.

(5)   To consult with parents, on an ongoing basis, concerning the manner in which the school and parents can work better together to achieve the program’s objectives.

(6)   To provide a comprehensive range of opportunities for parents to become informed, in a timely way, about how the program will be designed, operated and evaluated, allowing opportunities for parental participation, so that parents and educators can work together to achieve the program’s objectives.

(7)   To ensure opportunities, to the extent practicable, for the full participation of parents who lack literacy skills or whose native language is not English.

(c)   Specific requirements.  An LEA shall implement the following activities:

(1)(i)   Develop written policies, after consultation with and review by parents, to ensure that parents are involved in the planning, design, and implementation of the Title 1 LEA Program.  The written policies must provide for timely response to recommendations by parents.

(ii)    Make the policies available to parents of participating children.

(2)   Convene an annual meeting, to which all parents of participating children must be invited, to explain the programs and activities provided with funds available under this part.  The annual meeting may be district-wide or at the building level so long as all parents of participating children are provided the opportunity to attend.

(3)(i)   Provide parents of participating children with reports on their children’s progress.

(ii)    To the extent practicable, conduct a parent-teacher conference with the parents of each participating child to discuss the child’s progress, placement and methods the parents can use to complement the child’s instruction.

(iii)   Make education personnel under the Title 1 LEA Program, including pupil services personnel, readily accessible to parents.

(iv)   Permit parents of participating children to observe Title 1 Program activities.

(4)   Provide opportunities for regular meetings of parents to formulate parental input into the program, if parents of participating children so desire.

(5)   Provide parents of participating children with timely information about the program.

(6)   Make parents aware of parental involvement requirements and other relevant provisions of the program.

(7)   Provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request.

(8)   Coordinate, to the extent possible, parental involvement activities with programs funded under the Adult Education Act.

(9)   To the extent practicable, provide information, programs and activities for parents under this section in a language and form that the parents understand.

(d)   Assessment of the parental involvement program.  An LEA shall annually assess, through consultation with parents, the effectiveness of the parental involvement program and determine what action needs to be taken, if any, to increase parental participation.

(e)   Allowable activities and costs.  Title 1 activities that an LEA may support with funds available under this part to meet the requirements of this section include the following:

(1)   Regular parent conferences.

(2)   Parent resource centers.

(3)   Parent training programs, including reasonable and necessary expenditures associated with parents’ attendance at training sessions.

(4)   Hiring, training and utilization of parent involvement liaison workers.

(5)   Reporting to parents on children’s progress.

(6)   Training and support of personnel, including pupil services personnel, to work with parents, coordinate parent activities, and make home contacts.

(7)   Use of parents as classroom volunteers, tutors and aides.

(8)   Provision of school-to-home complementary curriculum and materials.

(9)   Provision of assistance in implementing home-based education activities that reinforce classroom instruction and student motivation.

(10) Provision of timely information on the Title 1 LEA Program, including program plans and evaluations.

(11) Solicitation of parents’ suggestions in the planning, development and operation of the program.

(12) Provision of timely responses to parent recommendations.

(13) Parent advisory councils.

(14) Other activities designed to enlist the support and participation of parents in the instruction of their children.



(Authority: 10 U.S.C. 2726, 2731(a)(4))