GAAPersonnel Policies - Goals and Objectives
GAAAEqual Employment Opportunity
GAABNondiscrimination - Employment (Cf. GAAD)
GAACPrevent and Prohibit Bullying
GAADIllegal Harassment and Intimidation (Cf. GAAB, GAF)
GAAD-RIllegal Harassment and Intimidation
 Illegal Harassment Report Form
GAAEFederal Program Administration
GAAE-RFederal Program Administration
GACCPersonnel Recruitment
GACESocial Security Number Confidentiality Policy
GACE-RSocial Security Number Confidentiality Regulation
GADStaff Development Opportunities
GAEStaff Conduct
GAFStaff-Student Relations (Cf. GAAD)
GAGConflict of Interest - Employees (Cf. GBRB, GCRF)
GAHStaff-Community Relations
GAKPersonnel Records
GAK-RPersonnel Records
GALSalary Deductions
GAL-RSalary Deductions
GANTravel Expenses (Cf. BAG, EDF)
GAN-RTravel Expenses (Cf. BAG, EDF)
GAOStaff Health and Safety (Cf. GAR)
GAO-RStaff Health and Safety (Cf. GAR)
GAOAStaff Smoking and Tobacco Products (Cf. KGE)
GAOBDrug-Free Workplace - Drug and Alcohol Testing
GAOCStaff Carrying a Concealed Pistol
GAQBloodborne Pathogens (Cf. GAR, JGCC)
GAQ-R Bloodborne Pathogens (Cf. GAR, JGCC)
 Appendix B - text added to Exposure Control Plan
GARCommunicable Diseases - Staff
GAR-RCommunicable Diseases - Staff
GBAProfessional Staff Contracts (Cf. CG)
GBDHiring (Cf. GAAA)
GBD-RHiring (Cf. GAAA)
GBEProfessional Staff Assignment and Transfer
GBFStudent Teaching and Internships
GBF-RStudent Teaching and Internships
GBHSupervision of Teaching Staff
GBIEvaluations of Administrators, Teachers, and Other Employees
GBJProfessional Staff Promotions
GBKDiscipline and Discharge of Professional Staff (Cf. GCK)
GBOResignations of Professional Staff (Cf. GCO)
GBQAReduction of Teaching Staff
GBQA-RReduction of Teaching Staff
GBRGNon-School Employment, Certified Staff (Cf. GAG, GCRF)
GBRJArrangement for Substitutes (Cf. IKH)
GBRJ-RArrangement for Substitutes (Cf. IKH-R)
GCAEmployee Compensation and Contracts (Cf. IKC)
GCBPerformance Based Compensation (Cf. IKC)
GCFStaff Orientation
GCKSuspension and/or Dismissal of Non-Certified Staff (Cf. GBK)
GCOResignation of Non-Certified Staff (Cf. GBO)
GCRFNon-School Employment, Non-Certified Staff (Cf. GAG, GBRG)