It shall be the intent of the board to award all contracts in accordance with the current statutes to qualified contractors and subcontractors who do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age, sex, race, color, religion, creed, physical handicap, ancestry, national origin, height, weight or marital status.  This amount may be adjusted annually based on the current CPI (Consumers Price Index).  Compliance with this policy shall be assured by contractual provisions made with contractors and sub-contractors.

Prior to awarding a bid or purchase order for construction, materials and services, a firm shall be in compliance with all state and federal laws, and verify same.  The superintendent shall review and evaluate all such plans and his/her approval or disapproval shall be subject to review by the board.  A bidder has five working days to appeal the decision of the superintendent.

The above policy shall not apply to those contractors employing less than five persons.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 37.2101-2211 (Michigan Civil Rights Act); Fair Employment Practices Act; MCL, 37.1101-1303 (Handicappers Civil Rights Act); Act 251 of P.A. 1955, Act 344 of P.A. 1965, and Act 349 of P.A. 1966, P.A. 159 of 1990.

Adopted:    7/1/93

Updated:    9/23/93, 10/6/94, 10/5/95, 10/3/96, 10/9/97, 10/1/98, 10/7/99, 10/5/00, 10/4/01, 10/3/02, 10/2/03, 10/14/04, 10/7/10