Among criteria considered in the selection of an architect shall be the following:

  1. Training and experience, including that of partners and associates;
  2. Planning ability and expertise in interpreting educational specifications;
  3. Promptness and ability to meet deadlines;
  4. Specification writing, accuracy, and sufficiency of detail;
  5. Imagination in design, appearance, and utility of work;
  6. Adequacy of supervision and inspection of previous jobs;
  7. Integrity of firm;
  8. Relations with contractors and demand for quality performance;
  9. Experience with government agencies;
  10. Adequacy of staff for the building to be designed;
  11. General business procedures of firm;
  12. Examples of previous plans, specifications and construction of other district projects;
  13. Willingness to work with a coordinated construction plan if such is the desire of the board;
  14. Assumption of responsibility to follow up on any problems which surface after construction and during periods in which performance and material guarantees are in effect;
  15. Responsibility for correction of faulty or ineffective design; and
  16. Economic factors, such as demonstrated ability to design and provide adequate, well-constructed buildings at a reasonable cost.