Guidelines and Criteria

  1. The following guidelines should be applied to all naming decisions:
    1. In the best interest of the prospective honoree/donor and the district, no commitment regarding naming shall be made, and all information relating to any naming request or plan shall remain confidential until appropriate approvals have been obtained.
    2. All naming requests shall be submitted in writing from the administrator of the requesting facility to the superintendent of schools.  Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that a naming request will be acted upon within 90 days of the initial submission of a complete request.
    3. Naming requests shall demonstrate that the proposed honoree meets the criteria outlined in Section B regarding private financial support and/or extraordinary service.
  2. Criteria for Selection of Honorees
  3. Private Financial Support

Significant financial contributions related to naming opportunities will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the approval process contained in these guidelines and any other applicable district policies (see E).

  1. An unfulfilled pledge, bequest or legacy gift from a donor who is still alive          will not be considered.
  2. To minimize any appearance of commercial influence or conflict of interest, additional due diligence will be taken before recommending the naming of a facility that involves the name of a corporation or corporate foundation.
  3. For all gifts involving naming opportunities, a gift agreement shall be drafted and reviewed by appropriate administration and/or legal counsel to include the proposed naming, duration of naming, financial payments over time, etc.
  1. Extraordinary Service
  2.   Nominees shall have given extraordinary service with such exceptional distinction that their contributions are widely recognized by the community and peers within the district and elsewhere.
  3. Honorees may not be in active service in the district or hold elected office at the time of the naming, unless the circumstances are exceptional.  Nominations may be made after a minimum of a one-year interval following the person’s end of service with/for the district.
  4. The recognition afforded the honoree may also include private financial contributions related to the naming opportunity (see G).
  1. Signage

        The size, design (including logos), and wording of plaques and other signs to

acknowledge donor generosity and express district appreciation need to be appropriate and consistent with the district’s signage policy as determined by the superintendent.

Initial costs as well as maintenance/replacement costs need be considered.

  1. Duration of Name
  2. Naming of facilities, endowments and programs in honor of individuals is generally expected to last the lifetime of the facility, space or program.  Any proposed name change must be formally submitted and approved in writing by the superintendent (or designee) and the donor.
  1. When a facility that has been named in recognition of a gift or an individual

has reached the end of its useful life, will be replaced or substantially renovated, or developed for another use, the facility may be renamed.

  1. When a facility or area is proposed for renaming, district representatives will make all reasonable efforts to inform in advance the original donors or honorees, their immediate family members and/or other interested parties as appropriate and if known.
  1. Recognition of earlier donors and honorees shall be included as appropriate in renovated facilities.
  1. Naming of facilities in honor of corporations or other organizations will have a set number of years attached to the naming, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis and listed in the signed gift agreement.
  1. Naming associated within a particular facility will not preclude further naming within the facility.
  1. If a change in function of a named facility or area is proposed, related gift agreements must be reviewed to determine if the proposed use is consistent with restrictions that are part of valid gift agreements.  If the proposed change is inconsistent with the donor agreement, the donor must be approached.  Legal counsel may be consulted
  1. If, at any time following the approval of a naming, circumstances change

substantially so that the continued use of that name may compromise the public trust, the superintendent will be consulted regarding future action.

  1. “Significant” Level of Support

The following gift guidelines will be taken into consideration in determining a “significant” level of support in a given situation:

  • New facilities:  25% or more of construction costs
  • Renovated facilities:  25% of renovation costs
  • Existing facilities:  25% of estimated fair market value
  • Portable items (e.g., capital equipment):  donation of the item, or at least 50%

of the value

  1. Naming Opportunities (suggested donation levels)
High Schools $25 million Middle School
Middle Schools $15 million Gyms $1 million
Elementaries $10 million Media Centers $1 million
Classrooms $100,000
High School Labs $200,000
Gyms (main) $2 million Cafeterias $200,000
Gyms (auxiliary) $1 million Sports Fields $100,000
Wrestling Room $500,000 Admin Office Complex $100,000
Weight Room $500,000 Other $25,000-?
Pool $2 million
Auditoriums $3 million
Classroom $200,000 Elementary School
Labs $500,000 Gyms $500,000
Cafeterias $500,000 Classrooms $  50,000
Football Stadiums $2 million Labs $  75,000
Baseball/Softball Fields $500,000 Media Center $250,000
Media Centers $2 million Sports Fields $  50,000
Commons $500,000 Admin Office Suite $100,000
Admin Office Complex $200,000
Other – based on visibility/ size/prestige $50,000-?
  1. Suggestions for Tributes (honoring service, memorials, etc.)
  2. Centralized wall(s) of honor within the facility most appropriate to the individual.
  3. Restricted Funds within the Foundation for Excellence, for example:
  • Fine Arts Fund
  • Enrichment Scholarships (e.g., After-School Advantures)
  • Literacy Enhancement
  • The Book Fund (to enhance classrooms or media centers)
  • School-specific Funds (e.g., “Commerce Elementary Advancement Fund”)


Revised  8/5/04