The board shall provide the best facilities possible within financial resources available to meet the educational needs of the students in the district.  Such efforts shall not only encompass new construction and expansion when deemed necessary, but also renovation and remodeling of existing facilities to serve specific educational needs of specific groups of students.  It is also necessary, in declining enrollment periods, to determine how facilities may be used and/or the interim use of facilities not needed at a given time.

Decisions pertaining to the planning, construction, renovation and elimination of educational facilities shall be made only after sufficient attempts have been made to consider the viewpoints and needs of students, teachers, parents, taxpayers and appropriate members of the administrative staff.

In determining facility needs and/or elimination of facilities, priority shall be given to plans which benefit the largest number of students in the district, with consideration of important matters such as safety, equal opportunity for children enrolled, and the economic implications to the district.

(P 7100)

Adopted:   7/1/93