Employees who use their privately-owned vehicles for school business shall be required to maintain minimum insurance coverage for liability and property damage which shall be the primary coverage.  The school non-ownership insurance shall provide the secondary coverage.  School non-ownership coverage shall not apply unless the employee has been given the authorization described above.

Reimbursable mileage shall be according to a rate approved by the IRS and the driver shall possess a valid Michigan driver’s license and insurance before any reimbursement shall be made.  In no instance shall mileage reimbursement be claimed for travel for any purpose other than for district business.

Employees are forbidden to transport students in their privately-owned vehicles for school purposes without authorization by the superintendent, unless that student is their own child.

A student shall not be sent on school errands with his/her automobile, an employee’s automobile, or a district-owned automobile.

No teacher or other employee shall be authorized to drive a van or bus to transport students unless properly licensed and qualified to drive a bus as determined by the Michigan Department of Education.

When district-owned vehicles which are equipped with seatbelts are used to transport students, it is required that the number of passengers be limited to the number of seatbelts available and that seatbelts shall be used when the vehicle is operative.