When private vehicles are used to transport students, the following requirements shall be met:

  1. The driver must possess a valid driver’s license with no court-ordered restrictions. Student drivers and students riding with student drivers on field trips shall be prohibited unless specifically authorized by the principal and approved by the executive director of instruction, technology, and assessment (e.g., under unusual circumstances and with parent approval).  The health and driving quality of the driver shall also be taken into consideration.
  1. The vehicle shall be equipped with seat belts and the number of passengers limited to the number of seat belts available.  Seat belts shall be used at all times by each occupant while in the vehicle.
  1. The vehicle shall be properly maintained and in good repair, particularly as it pertains to safety equipment such as brakes, horn, tires, lights, etc.
  1. No open-type vehicle, such as a pickup truck, shall be used for transporting students.
  1. The vehicle and driver shall be insured.  A minimum of $100,000/300,000 liability insurance is required on the vehicle.
  1. The owner’s insurance is considered primary according to Michigan no-fault insurance.
  1. Form(s) (see IFCB-R-17, 18, 19) verifying the above-mentioned information signed by the driver and owner of the vehicle shall be kept on file.
  1. Non-ownership insurance as a secondary coverage shall be carried by the district either on a permanent or temporary basis as determined by the superintendent.
  1. Parents or legal guardians of students to be transported in private vehicles shall submit the required permission slip (see IFCB-R-19).


Rev.     5/7/98, 10/6/11