Distance Eligibility  (Cf. JGG-R) (Revised 7/11/02, 8/8/02, 8/18/11)

The measurement of the distance to determine student eligibility for transportation service shall be one (1.0) mile for elementary and one and one-half (1.5) miles for secondary.  The distance will be measured from the point at which the student’s driveway meets the public thoroughfare to the point of intersection of the center of the public street with the nearest school door.  Students attending the LATE Program are excluded from eligibility for transportation.

Transportation of special education students will be provided as required by law.

However, where unusual traffic and other hazards exist, the supervisor of transportation is directed to study the situation and determine the most appropriate resolution which both reasonably ensures the safety of the student(s) involved and is cost effective.  Appeals of the supervisor’s decision may be made to the director of operations who will, as appropriate, work with the consultation services of public safety officers with jurisdiction for that geographic area.

The transportation department is directed to continually study routing and revise school district bus routes so as to require students to walk reasonable distances to pick-up points, reduce the total miles traveled by school buses, eliminate transportation of students to school buildings where walking distances are reasonable, and reduce the cost incurred by the district.

Riding a Different Bus

Students who wish to ride a different bus for a specific purpose on a particular day may do so providing they present written permission from their parent to the principal and receive an approved bus pass.  Students shall not be transported to different bus stops for birthday parties, social events or any program not sponsored by the district.  The same policy shall apply to a non-bus student who on specific occasion has a justifiable reason for riding a school bus to a specific destination.

Non-Public School Students

Students who are residents of the district and are enrolled in a non-public school within the district shall be eligible for transportation to a public middle school location and then shuttled to the non-public school building.  This transportation shall be along the same regular routes according to the same eligibility provisions and time schedules in effect for public school students, in accordance with state law.

When the district provides transportation to public school pupils of a given grade classification (other than that for special education) attending public schools outside the district, non-public school pupils of the same grade classification shall then be eligible for transportation in the same general direction for approximately the same distance to non-public schools located outside the district, as required by law.


Rev.  5/21/98, 7/11/02, 8/8/02, 8/18/11