Lockers Are School Property

All lockers assigned to students are the property of the school district.  At no time does the school relinquish its exclusive control of its lockers.  The school principal or his/ her designee shall have custody of all combinations to all lockers or locks.  Students are prohibited from placing locks on any locker without the advance approval of the school principal of his/her designee.

Legitimate Use of School Lockers

The school assigns lockers to its students for the students’ convenience and temporary use.  Students are to use lockers exclusively to store school-related materials and authorized personal items such as outer garments, footwear, grooming aids or lunch.  Students shall not use the lockers for any other purpose, unless specifically authorized by school board policy or the school principal or his/her designee, in advance of students bringing the items to school.  Students are solely responsible for the contents of their lockers and should not share their lockers with other students, nor divulge locker combinations to other students, unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee.

Search of Locker Contents

Random searches of school lockers and their contents have a positive impact on deterring violations of school rules and regulations, ensuring proper maintenance of school property, and providing greater safety and security for students and personnel.  Accordingly, the board authorizes the school principal or his/her designee to search lockers and locker contents at any time, without notice, and without parental/guardianship or student consent.

The school principal or his/her designee shall not be obligated, but may request the assistance of a law enforcement officer in conducting a locker search.  The school principal or his/her designee shall supervise the search.  In the course of a locker search, the school principal or his/her designee shall respect the privacy rights of the student regarding any items discovered that are not illegal or against school policy or rules.


When conducting locker searches, the school principal or his/her designee may seize any illegal or unauthorized items, items in violation of board policy or rules, or any other items reasonably determined by the school principal or his/her designee to be a potential threat to the safety or security of others.  Such items include, but are not limited to, the following:  firearms, explosives, dangerous weapons, flammable material, illegal controlled substances or controlled substance analogues or other intoxicants, contraband, poisons, and stolen property.  Law enforcement officials shall be notified immediately upon seizure of such dangerous items or seizure of items that schools are required to report to law enforcement agencies under the Statewide School Safety Information Policy.  Any items seized by the school principal or his/her designee shall be removed from the locker and held by school officials.  The parent/guardian of a minor student, or a student 18 years of age or older, shall be notified by the school principal or his/her designee of items removed from the locker.

LEGAL REF:  MCL, 380.1306(5), PA 87 of 2000

Adopted: 10/5/2000