Access to Buildings

Access to school buildings and grounds outside of regular school hours shall be limited to personnel whose work requires it.

Keys shall not be loaned to anyone and under no circumstances shall school employees have extra keys made unless specifically authorized to do so by the director of operations and the building administrator.

Combinations to school vaults and safes shall be changed each time there are changes in personnel who have had the combinations.

All equipment shall be stored in as safe a place as possible and employees must avoid leaving equipment and supplies where they are readily accessible to others.

Classroom/office windows and doors are to be locked according to building procedures when staff leave the building.

Any employee using the building in the evening or on weekends must be certain doors are locked after entering and upon leaving.

Chaining of Doors

No exit doors shall be chained at any time when the building is occupied.  Principals, custodians and other responsible persons must be certain that all accessible exits are operable whenever a building or portion of a building is in use.  However, approved security bars or devices may be used to secure outside doors when school is not in session.


Rev.  3/10/94