The board and its administrative staff shall make every effort to provide a safe environment for students to study and play and for all employees to fulfill their employment duties and responsibilities.  Safety rules and practices shall be developed by the district’s administrative staff.  All persons employed by the board shall observe and enforce all safety practices.

Fire Prevention

The district’s employees shall be constantly on the alert for potential fire hazards.

Warning System

The board shall seek to cooperate with local government officials, emergency preparedness authorities and other related state agencies to ensure that adequate warning systems in the event of disasters are available for use in the district.

Safety Inspections  (Cf. EDAA)

The director of operations, governmental regulations compliance specialist, building principals and maintenance personnel shall inspect each attendance center, playgrounds and playground equipment, boilers, bleachers and other such areas to determine whether said facilities or play areas are in adequate repair and free of harmful defects.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 380.1261; 380.1288; 380.1300; R 340.1301-1305; 29.19

(P 4125)

Adopted:   7/1/93