As surplus items become available, the administrator of each building shall supply the supervisor of purchasing and grants administration with a District disposal form for each surplus item.  Examples of surplus items are books, equipment, furniture or other saleable items that may be considered obsolete or not needed in the building.

The supervisor of purchasing and grants administration shall determine the means of sale and provide notification of materials to be sold and the method of sale to the general public and those parties, which in his/her estimation, would be interested in such items.  Notice shall be circulated or posted at least 10 days before the sale and the items for sale fully described.  Monies realized from such sales shall be credited to the appropriate fund account.

Obsolete books, equipment or supplies which cannot be sold may, at the discretion of the superintendent, be donated to charitable organizations or discarded in an acceptable manner.

A record shall be maintained by the supervisor of purchasing of all properties disposed of consistent with district, state and/or federal regulations.

7/1/93, 11/4/09