In order to assure the safe keeping of monies collected by employees, student treasurer or officer of a school building, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. All monies shall be properly receipted, accounted for, and directed without delay to the proper location for deposit.
  1. When handling Student Activity or other such receipts, in order to eliminate writing numerous receipts for small amounts, a simple form can be completed.  This form must contain the following information:
  • the reason for the collection, and
  • each student’s name and the amount paid.

The completed list(s) shall accompany the deposit given to the building bookkeeper as documentation for the deposit.  The bookkeeper will then provide a receipt to the teacher or other responsible party for the total of the list.  This list will then be filed in the appropriate Student Activity file.

  1. No money shall be left overnight in desks, lockers or other such equipment.
  1. 4.    All money left overnight in buildings shall be placed in the school safe.


Revised  1/15/04, 6/17/04