1. Tickets for school events, class or school organization projects may be sold by students who are enrolled in that school or members of the particular class or organization sponsoring the event. Tickets for high school activities shall not be sold by elementary or middle school students.
  2. Clubs, classes, teams, etc. may engage in selling a commercial product to the people of the community subject to the following guidelines and restrictions.
    1. The request to sell commercial products must come from a recognized school organization and be endorsed by its sponsor.
    2. The project must be approved by the building principal.
    3. A description of the project must be forwarded to the deputy superintendent of schools for approval. The project description shall include:
      (1)    what the product is that is to be sold;
      (2)    the price of the product;
      (3)    the percentage that the organization retains;
      (4)    starting and ending dates of the sale; and
      (5)    the purpose or expected use of the profits.
      (6)    only school-sponsored groups may sell or solicit in a school building and then only within the school housing the group, and only during non-instructional time.
  3. No agreements or contracts with sales representatives are to be signed nor is there to be any publicity about the sale until the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services has approved the contract.
  4. No student will be required to sell as a condition of membership or requirement for a grade.
  5. School-sponsored student organizations shall not have more than two fundraising events a year, and no more than one event in a semester, that would involve going into the community trough door-to-door sales or solicitations unless approved by the building principal after consultation with the superintendent.
  6. Students are restricted to selling only within the boundaries of their school’s attendance area except that:
  7. (1)  students may sell to anyone outside the district boundaries and
  8. (2)  students may cross school boundaries to sell to their relatives.
  9. For door-to-door sales, parental consent forms shall be on file in the elementary principal’s office prior to assigning goods or merchandise to the elementary student. Students in grades K-2 shall not be permitted to participate in door-to-door sales.
  10. No advance monies are to be collected unless a receipt, provided by the company or school, is given to the purchaser.
  11. Products which are to be sold only at school functions on school grounds need only to have the approval of the building principal.
  12. All fund raising sponsors will sign off indicating they have read and will comply with these policies and procedures.

Adopted:  7/1/93

Revised:  1/4/07, 10-6-11