All purchases requiring competitive bids shall be made in accordance with current statutes, the creation of bid specifications, and adherence to the district’s bidding procedure by the district’s purchasing agent.

The purchasing agent shall maintain an electronic listing of potential bidders for various types of materials, equipment, and supplies.  Such listing shall be used to notify potential bidders of all district invitations for bid.

Any supplier may register to be included on the listing through the district’s website.  All bid lists shall be reviewed annually by the purchasing agent.

Supplies, equipment and services may be purchased cooperatively with other school districts or governmental units when it is in the best interest of the district.

All bids and supporting documentation shall be retained in the business office for a period of one year after bids have been opened.

Bid Specifications

All bid specifications shall be written by the district’s purchasing agent in a clear and concise manner. Such specifications shall include, when necessary:  required performance, surety, bid and statutory bond information; compliance with preferential bid law; financial statements; the board’s right to reject any or all bids; the board’s right to accept any part or all of a bid; the board’s right to accept other than low bid; compliance with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations; the date, time and place for the opening of bids; and other items as the board directs.

LEGAL REF: MCL, 380.1267; 380.1274

(P 8202)

Adopted:    7/1/93

Revised:    8/4/94, 10/11/12