The superintendent or the superintendent’s designee shall be the sole purchasing agent for the district.

Purchases Through the District

Board members and employees shall not make any purchase through the district for personal use.  The name of the district or school, or an employee’s position, shall not be used in such manner that discounts or cost preferences are given to such person.  Purchasing equipment and supplies by the district for resale to employees is prohibited.

Emergency Purchases

Emergency purchases may be made without using the quotation or bidding process.  Such emergencies may arise as a result of an accident or other unforeseen occurrence in which failure to act immediately could cause appreciable damage to physical facilities; or endanger the life, health, welfare or safety of the district’s students or employees, or the community; or impede the educational purposes of the district.

LEGAL REF:     MCL, 15.321-330;  380.1300

(P 8202)

Adopted:  7/1/93   Revised:  6/1/06, 10/11/12