Proceeds from fees for building or equipment use or rental shall be credited to a fund specified by the board.

Rental and Leasing of District Property

The board may authorize the rental or lease of district property not used for instructional purposes.

Admission Fees

The board shall set admission fees to various district activities.  These fees shall be reviewed annually.

Senior Citizen Admissions  (Rev. 8/15/96)

The board recognizes retired citizens as a viable part of its educational services.  To that end and in view of the restraints of fixed income status, individuals meeting the following criteria are invited to participate in school-affiliated activities at a discount of admission/tuition costs:  (a) sixty years of age; (b) school district residency; and (c) possession of a Walled Lake Schools “Senior Citizen Pass,” which may be obtained at no cost at the Community Education Office with proof of age/residency (i.e., driver’s license).

Participating senior citizens are responsible for any materials costs and/or fees paid to non-district service providers in connection with the activity.

Income and Payments From Sales and Service

Jobs or projects may be undertaken by students for private individuals or

community groups.  The facilities of the district may be used for such activities.  All

receipts shall be deposited in the general fund and used as a reimbursement for materials and/or to purchase additional supplies and cover expenses of a department.

LEGAL REF:   MCL, 380.143; 380.250; 380.331; 380.431

(P 2500)

Adopted:   7/1/93

Revised:    8/15/96